What is Property Management

What is Property Management?

Property Management provides a solution for new real estate investors wanting to get into the market without the uncertainty and inconvenience of dealing with the property and tenants. It's also a wonderful solution for those whos real estate portfolio has become too large to maintain on their own. KT Property Management provides a host of services and solutions to enable both investors alike with peace-of-mind.

Our electronic rent collection option enables us to collect payment from tenants automatically by withdrawing funds directly from their account.  This fast and secure method means there’s no need to store a dozen post-dated cheques or meet tenants to collect cash.

You also won’t be required to chase tenants down for missed payments.  Our team will take the necessary steps in filing the appropriate forms and collecting late payments for you.

With every twelve-month period that passes, the Landlord and Tenant Board permits an increase in the rental amount your tenant is paying.  The amount of this increase varies depending on the year that the property, addition or accessory apartment was built and when it was first occupied as a rental property.  The minimum increase is set each year based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index.

If you’re not sure whether your property qualifies for a larger increase, or of how to file the forms, you have nothing to worry about —we handle it all.

As much as we go above and beyond to find the right tenant and build excellent relationships to increase your odds of having a wonderful experience, there are bad apples.  What happens when you have a tenant who doesn’t cooperate?  We take the necessary steps to delivery notices and begin eviction processes at the earliest possible time.  In many cases, when handled properly, tenants cooperate and get caught up on their money due. However, should we need to, we’ll follow the process through, attend mediation and tribunal meetings to resovle the issue efficiently.
You’ll never be interrupted during soccer practice, your favourite movie, family dinner or your annual vacation again!

Being a Landlord is a job, one that comes with responsibilities, serious responsibilities.  Being responsible for the property that provides shelter and safety to a Tenant means ensuring that the property is working, and when it’s not, being quick to remedy the problem.

Our team will handle all incoming inquiries from your tenant, big or small, and arrange to have any issues corrected promptly.

From plumbers to cleaning companies, we will facilitate all repairs and maintenance on your behalf.

At the begining of our relationship, you’ll let us know how much to keep on reserve for a rainy day.  This amount can be as low as zero dollars to as much as you want.  Should a repair arrise that costs less than this amount, we’ll go ahead and get it fixed and send you the invoice.  However, if a repair is greater, we’ll contact you first for authorization.  You get full control over how your property is managed.

Through years of sourcing tenants, our best practices have consistently filtered through and helped us find high quality, qualified tenants.  It does not end there though, not only do we find the best tenants, we go above and beyond to establish strong relationships with them.  We recognize that a healthy relationship with your tenant means they’re going to be more respectful of your property.  We start this process off by leaving a little gift for every new tenant to welcome them home.