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Perfect Tenants

From our proven screening process to building exceptional relationships, our track record of great tenants is unmatched.

Property Reports

Semi-annual visits with detailed reports and photos ensures that your property is well cared for.

We've Got You Covered

From sourcing and managing the property to the tenant, our tech savvy and customer-first approach keeps you “in-the-loop” at all steps of the way.

Mobile Friendly

From rental income to service invoices, staying organized for tax time has never been easier with our mobile app.

Rent Collection

We offer tenants an array of rent payment options.  The preferred choice by many is pre-authorized debit.  This option enables us to automatically withdrawal funds from your tenant’s account each month, securely transfering the money to your account with ease.

Mobile Application

We’ll set you up with our mobile app to monitor and manage your rent, service invoices and tax related documents.  Your Accountant will be grateful.

Semi-Annual Reports

Twice yearly, we’ll personally visit your property, complete a series of tasks and fill in a detailed report to ensure your investment is being well cared for.

Report Inclusions:

  • Photos
  • Condition report of all surfaces
  • Grading concerns
  • Damaged or missing caulking, cladding, downspouts, etc.
  • Recommended future and immediate maintenance items


  • Test CO and smoke detectors
  • Operate all water shut-off valves to prevent seizing
  • Test sump pump

Annual Rent Increases

KT Property Management will serve rent increases annually according to the prescribed amounts to ensure your property continues to give you a positive return.

Did you know:

Adding services, capital expenditures, and a property that’s constructed after a specific date may qualify for rent increases beyond what rent rules specify.

Serving Notices

Late payments, among other situations, need to be dealt with promptly to correct an unpleasant situation.  Our team will serve notices immediately and within the LTB requirements to ensure situations are corrected or tenants evicted promptly.

Tenant Inquiries

You no longer have to be on-call as a Landlord.  Tenant phone calls will no longer put a stop to your day, interrupt dinner or little Suzy’s soccer game.  Our team will handle all incoming inquiries from your Tenant(s).

Service Calls

In the event that appliances stop working or mechanical systems fail our team will work dilligently to get the problems corrected quickly.  You let us know a dollar amount for repairs that we can facilitate without bothering you for permission and we’ll hold that amount in your account for a rainy day.  If repair costs exceed that amount we’ll give you a call to confirm repairs in advance*

*10% service charge added to all invoices for services, repairs or replacement of damaged items coordinated by KTPM.

Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

At the commencment and conclusion of a Tenancy, our team will facilitate a thorough inspection and report of the condition of the property to ensure that the Tenant has maintained the home and held accountable if not.

Annual Furance and A/C Service

Get the most out of your HVAC system by ensuring it’s properly maintained.  Our annual inspections of both the furance and A/C will keep them running at their optimum.

Seasonal Hose-Bib Opening/Closing

The last thing you want on your property’s record is an insurance claim for a flood.  Our team will visit seasonally to shut off and turn on your exterior hose-bibs to prevent frozen and burst pipes.

Semi-Annual Furnace Filter Replacement

Maintaining your house is as important as maintaining a good relationship with your tenant.  Small things like replacing the furnace filter for can go a long way in Tenants respecting Landlords and the proeprty that much more as well as keeping the furance in great shape.

Housing Tribunal Litigation for Existing Problems

Do you have an existing problem tenant you can’t get rid of and need help? Our team will serve the appropriate documents and attend mediation and hearings*

*Hourly rate of $80.00

Vacant Property Monitoring

Our team will visit vacant properties to ensure that your insurance company’s policies for vacant properties is met and there are no surprises (or squaters!)*

*$40.00 per visit


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